GCRS 101

– One registration for every racer. (GCRS series registration)
– All registered racers, no matter what class, are GCRS Racers.
– Pro Truck, Modified & Outlaws have to select a “home” track upon registration. The other track automatically becomes their “away” track.
– Trucks will have a special points fund – 2021 GCRS Truck Tour, sponsored by Advance Auto Parts based on select races at both tracks.
– Truck, Modified & Outlaw racers competing at their away track on a 2021 Truck Tour night are eligible for the following:

  • Hotel rooms at $59.
  • No race entry fee
  • (5) Pit passes at $10. each
  • $100 to start
  • $50. gas card
  • (2) cases of water ready for pick up in the pits on race day
  • Tires $450 installed
  • Tire buy back program eligible $10 each
  • (1) set of practice tires available at $20 each (available as we build stock with this new program)

– If a racer wins at his away track, he gets an additional $500 in winnings