Cameron Leytham

Division & Car Number:
Pure Stock #8

What age did you take your first lap in a race car and what was it?
At 15 I took my first laps in a pure stock at Sunny South Raceway.

First Win Details
It was the Arca weekend at Fiveflags speedway in 2021. After taping the distributor wire together I was lucky enough to take the lead from the outside and lead every lap.

Current daily driver:
Toyota Tundra

Do you have a non-race hobby?
My non-race hobbies consist of golfing, basketball, baseball, and fishing.

Do you have pets or a favorite memory?
We have a dog named Sam.

Your pre-race ritual?
My pre-race rituals are listening to music and hugging my daughter Ava before every race.

Favorite color?

What driver would give you the biggest thrill to finish ahead of? (current division or in all of history)
As of now my biggest thrill would be beating my father Bj Leytham. That being said I would be thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase talent against any Nascar driver.

Day race or night race?

Favorite racetrack:
Five flags speedway

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