Name: Gina Schild Knowles
Division & Car Number: PLM 57

What age did you take your first lap in a race car and what was it?
4 my dad’s Bronco (chevy Nova)

First Win Details
I could not race because I had four brothers that did. No money left for me. My dad made me go to college. blah

Current daily driver:
2021 Chevy 3500 Dually

Do you have a non-race hobby?
No. No extra time and no extra money. I do have awesome camera gear sitting collecting dust.

Do you have pets or a favorite pet memory?
My favorite memory is when I first started marketing in racing. Did it for my brother. He won the first race that all my marketing efforts went into. I still tear up thinking about it and can close my eyes and see the nose of his car coming off of 4 to make the pass to win the race. Goose bumps.

Your pre-race ritual?
No peanuts. No green. Ask God for strength and patience.

Favorite color?
Dark Gray and Blue.

What driver would give you the biggest thrill to finish ahead of?
Tony Stewart
Kyle Busch

Day race or night race?

Favorite racetrack:
Mobile International Speedway or Nashville Fairgrounds

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