March 3, 2021 -Texas Asphalt Racing Series has a new name, Gulf Coast Racing Series (GCRS). The Gulf Coast Racing Series will bring asphalt oval track racers to Houston Motorsports Park and Mobile International Speedway this year, with the first race kicking off at HMP on April 3rd. Racers kick off a summer series at MIS on May 1st. More details coming on the full schedule.

Additionally, GCRS announces its new relationship with American Racer. “We are extremely happy with American Racer, and the tire they will be bringing to our tracks this season. The tire we’ve chosen is the most versatile tire American Racer offers and testing showed us quality and durability. It brings a little more strategy to the racing game, and American Racer is working closely with us to make sure the racers have the knowledge they need to get the most out of their tire program.” said Promoter, Gina Schild-Knowles

All classes of cars will utilize the AR970 Tire from American Racer. The tire is a semi-slick grooved tire that can be used on an 8” or 10” wheel and is offered in a 26.5 for left sides and27.0 for left sides. (Complete tire technical information will be posted on the Mobile International Speedway Facebook page for now.)

“We offer over 800 different racing tires and we can customize for vehicle type, tire size, construction, and track conditions,” offered the Director of Racing for American Racer, Scott Junod. “We have been working hard with Gina and her folks to come up with the most competitive tire for both tracks and we think the compound chosen for Mobile and Houston is a terrific match.”

In addition to being able to buy tires at their respective tracks, racers will be able to order tires directly from tire distributor Day Motorsports and have them delivered directly to their shops.

“We are really happy to be a part of the continuing innovations Gina and her team are bringing to racing,” said Dan Hamilton, President of Day Motorsports. “We have already ramped up our web site to handle orders for these tires for racers from both tracks.”

Links to purchase tires:
AMERICAN RACER TIRE – AR970 26.5/8.0-15T
AMERICAN RACER TIRE – AR970 27.0/8.0-15T

For series information contact Gina Schild Knowles, Texas Asphalt Racing Promotions LLC (713) 907-0906

For MIS track information contact Gina Schild Knowles,
Texas Asphalt Racing Promotions LLC